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Impartición 14 de enero de 2019 - 31 de julio de 2019
Inscripción 01 de marzo de 2018 - 15 de enero de 2019
Matriculación 01 de octubre de 2018 - 15 de enero de 2019
Créditos 60 ECTS
Plazas 25
Matrícula 17900 €
Posibilidad de pago fraccionado
Modalidad Presencial
Titulación Requerida Titulación Universitaria(Licenciado, Ingeniero, Arquitecto, Ingeniero Técnico, Arquitecto Técnico, Diplomado)


High Qualification The program consists of 600 hours (60 ECTS) from January to July, Monday through Friday, every afternoon (16.00 to 21.30). During this time, it is strongly recommended a full-time dedication in order to develop and complete practical work. Full Experience Participants will develop their design skills through an intensive series of workshops and complete their theoretical knowledge in specialty seminars. MCH is keen on teamwork because it is the way offices and research labs function today.

Occupation Our main goal is the job placement of specialist professionals who can address global problems and take important roles in architecture offices, urban and landscape planning or making contributions in fields such as environmental science, emergency housing or critique of architecture.



The Master of Advanced Studies UPM/ETH in Collective Housing, Organized by the Design Studio Department at ETSAM, Architecture School of Madrid and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETH.

Students from all nations are trained in city dwelling specialties and have demonstrated a high professional level making important contributions in research projects, winning competitions or taking leadership roles in the most relevant architecture firms.

Teachers of international prestige MCH has always committed to the highest level of excellence combining teachers of international prestige and a thorough participant selection process in order to make the best out of this course. Background In the past years, MCH has built a close relationship with great architects such as Dietmar Eberle, Felix Claus, Anne Lacaton, Frits van Dongen, Hrvoje Njiriç, Juan Herreros, Jacob van Rijs, Alejandro Aravena, Andrea Deplazes, Max Risselada or Wiel Arets, who are regular workshop leaders. It is the interaction between teachers and participants that generates the greatest results and production each year.

MCH Network The thorough selection process of architects and the intensive experience in Madrid create bonds that are meant to last in time. With the help of MCH Alumni we put in contact participants of different editions to create the basis for research, knowledge and opportunity sharing.


The program is structured in one-week workshops, where participants will develop their design skills, and specialties, where they will complete their theoretical knowledge. These are as follows: Housing Architecture, Construction and Technology, Business Management and International Activity, Residential Urban Design, Energy and Sustainability, Housing Theory, Low-cost and Emergency Housing, and Sociology, Economy and Politics. All workshops and specialties are mandatory in order to receive the MCH Diploma.


Each specialty seminar is coordinated by a technical director who relies on a group of teachers and specialists from all over the world. Specialty seminars last 35 teaching hours approximately, except for Sustainability & Energy Concepts and International Activity & Real Estate/Management, which last twice the time. In any case, the approach is basically practical and complementary information is given digitally or on paper.


The acquired concepts throughout the course are developed in a series of workshops led by well-known architects specialized in collective housing. Master’s Project Participants will have to deliver a master’s project, which will have a portfolio format and will include a selection of the projects produced during the year. It will act as their new portfolio, which adds on to their previous projects.

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Comentarios The application period for 2018 is open. If you wish to apply, please, send your CV and portfolio, a motivation letter and two recommendation letters to info@mchmaster.com . The academic committee will evaluate your application and we will contact you. www.mchmaster.com