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Montegancedo Campus is part of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is located in Pozuelo de Alarcon with an area of 480,000 m2. Montegancedo Campus is situated in a natural setting of oaks on the extension of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares, and has a great growth capacity. The development of the campus is demonstrated by the 65 M € investment made in recent years. The technology Campus Montegancedo obtained the name of Campus of Excellence by the Ministry of Education in the 2010 call.

Previously, I2_Tech of Montegancedo Campus received the recognition of Promising Project CEI 2009 by the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC). The campus also received the category of “Excellent IT and Technology Transfer" in the first phase open by the Ministry Science and Innovation (MICINN.)

Montegancedo Campus aims to achieve a model of open innovation user-driven. It has the intention of becoming an attractive campus to promote sustainable technological innovation, seeking a balance between education, innovation and research and emphasizing aggregations with companies.

The proposal of I2_Tech Montegancedo will reinforce international specialization focused on innovation in IT. The efforts of the UPM is that Montegancedo becomes a living laboratory to boost the valuation of research results. This effort will make that the user can be a key piece of innovation in a close collaboration with the industrial area.

The scientific excellence of research, commitment to the activities of graduates and doctoral students and the effort to apply innovation in a transversal way are going to attract national and international professors, researchers and students.



Campus Montegancedo project strives to achieve a “user driven open innovation” model. This is an institutional vision, sustained over time and shared by the entities added. Montegancedo will become an attractive campus to encourage sustainable technological innovation with a clear emphasis on vertical and horizontal ICT applications. Also, as a distinctive and leading singularity, agreements and partnerships with the national and international productive sector with particular emphasis on private aggregations, will be strengthen.




Montegancedo is committed to a comprehensive innovation model. There is a balance between education, innovation and research activities. The three vertex of the triangle are complementary and mutually reinforcing. The investigation has a key position in the knowledge generation. The transition to knowledge exploitation, successfully completed in some points of the innovation process, is a key element that addresses one of the recognized weaknesses in the national system in which UPM is specially prepared. The support initiatives focus on experimental and open collaboration with the end user, achieve innovation results and develop new services, products and processes. The linkage of research centres, education and the productive sector allows applied research becomes a reality.


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