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The governance model of the Montegancedo Campus is a model that it is in the process of its development and setting-up. Therefore, it not has reached a stable phase yet that can allow us to manage activities. According to the strategic plan for the development of the CIE Montegancedo, updated from the initial proposal presented by the UPM in 2009, is defined by the management teams and governing bodies of the university itself with its general coordination the responsibility of the Vice-Rectorate for Research at the UPM.

Figure 1 details schematically the interaction between the aforementioned different bodies and each individual position.

Figure 1


Governance Committee of the Montegancedo CIE

The Governance Committee of the Montegancedo CIE is the basic body for the coordination of the activities carried out in the Campus. In recent years it has played an essential role in the preparation of the proposals presented to the calls of the CEI and the monitoring of their activities. This Committee is constituted by the representatives of the entities located in the Campus.


Services and Maintenance Commission of the Montegancedo CIE

Due to the need of a better and a simple administration the services of the Campus a Services and Maintenance Commission of the Montegancedo CIE is constituted The Commission will be presided over by the Vice-Rectorate for Financial Affairs and will be made up of the representatives of the different centres housed in the Campus and contemplated in the Governance Committee.

Advisory Council of the Montegancedo CIE

The Advisory Council is born as a result of a close relationship with the business sector and the different public and private entities, amongst its activities we can highlight the aim to consolidate mechanism for joint activities for the R&D activity or the commercialization of the results as well as proposing and stating new possible activities in the forthcoming years given that the Campus still possesses great expansion possibilities.

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