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Advisory Council at the CIE Montegancedo


The importance that a close relationship with the business sector and the different public and private entities linked to the different degrees of implication in the development of the CIE has for the development of the Montegancedo CIE makes it very advisable to establish an Advisory Council with the following functions:

  1. To know and have an opinion on the activities of the development of the Montegancedo CIE. It is expected that with this there is sufficient information to allow possible interests to be identified.
  2. To know the activities carried out in the different research centres and units located in the Campus with the objective of establishing possible scientific and technical cooperation agreements.
  3. Propose and state new possible activities in the forthcoming years given that the Campus still possesses great expansion possibilities.
  4. Consolidate mechanisms for joint


The partner entities are as follow:

Representative of the ACCENTURE
Representative of the AMETIC
Representative of the Ayuntamiento de Pozuelo de Alarcón
Representative of the BICG
Representative of the Clarke, Modet &Co
Representative of the CSIC
Representative of the FDI
Representative of the GMV
Representative of the Hospital Ramón y Cajal
Representative of the ISBAN
Representative of the Elekta
Representative of the IBM
Representative of the IMDEA software
Representative of the INDRA
Representative of the INIA
Representative of the LPI
Representative of the PRODUBAN
Representative of the Repsol
Representative of the Santander
Representative of the Telefónica
Representative of the T-Systems
Representative of the UCM
Representative of the Zeiss


_Meetings of the Advisory Council_

_September 2012

This first meeting had as a main objective the consolidation of the creation of the representatives of the advisory council, where they analyzed the evolution of the collaboration of the UPM in the area of business as well as the evolution of the CIE Montegancedo project (2010-2012)

Subsequently, they analyzed the current situation of the Campus Montegancedo and they detected a number of shortcomings, consequently they proposed measures to remedying them:

  • To increase the participation in large international projects of research: FET Flagship “Human Brain”, Alzheimer 3P, JRU with Telefónico (for FP7 and H2020)
  • Launching of two microsatellites designed and integrated in the UPM: UPM SAT-2 (2014) and UPM Cube-SAT (FP7) (2014)
  • Development of new international agreements: Univ. Colorado (Denver, EEUU), Univ. Texas (EEUU) Univ. Of Tongji (Shanghái, China)
  • The launching of: CAIT, nodo KIC-ICT Labs, CIESP and the ecosystem COM
  • Installation of: Concurrent Engineering, animalarium
  • Construction of student and professors residence


_January 2013

They proceeded to assess the progress of the project during 2012 and they specified the aims previously mentioned:

  • Assessment results of the CIE Montegancedo (2012)
  • Assessment of the report of Ministry of Education
  • Evolution of the research centres at the campus from September of 2012
  • Construction of a innovate technological ecosystem
  • Open innovation in Montegancedo
  • Foresight in 2013
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