European Institute of Innovation and Technology: EIT Health

EIT Health

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is part of the local noed of EIT Health from the Instituto Europeo de Innovación y Tecnología (EIT), a unique EU initiative that spurs innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe with one simple idea: through diversity there is strength.

EIT brings together leading universities, research labs and companies to form dynamic pan-European partnerships. Together, these unique partnerships, called Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), develop innovative products and services, start new companies, and train a new generation of entrepreneurs. They bring ideas to market, turn students into entrepreneurs and, most importantly, they innovate. The EIT Community puts entrepreneurs and innovators at the heart of our efforts.

There are currently five KICs and each focuses on a different societal challenge:

Climate-KIC: addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation.

EIT Digital: addressing Information and Communication Technologies.

KIC InnoEnergy: addressing sustainable energy.

EIT Health: mejora de la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos europeos y sostenibilidad de los sistemas de atención sanitaria y asistencia social.

EIT Raw Materials: addressing sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution.

EIT Health is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe. EIT Health is leveraging the expertise of more than 130 leading organisations spanning key areas of healthcare such as Pharma, MedTech, Payers, Research Institutions and Universities.

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is a partner of the EIT Health Spain along with other institutions from three regions: Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia involving strong agents in the three areas of the innovation triangle: research, education and business creation. In addition to those fields where EIT Health will focus investments, EIT Health Spain supports research, education and business projects in five key strategic main areas: nutrition, frailty and chronic care, social care and risk of exclusion, business creation and entrepreneurship, and brain and neuroscience.