Politécnica de Madrid

Juan de la Cierva Programme

Description of Sub-programme

This sub-programme is designed to promote the recruitment of young PhDs, with particular focus on researchers who have obtained their doctorate recently, with the aim of helping them to join and strengthen research teams.
The requirement for researchers with doctorates is that they must not have obtained their doctorate degree before September 1, 2005. If they do not have a doctorate degree, the deadline for obtaining it is the date on which the awards decision is published on the web page of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Candidates must also fulfil requirements in terms of mobility, which are specified in the corresponding section of the guide.
Requests to participate in the scheme must be presented by the R&D Centre, and the applications must also name the candidates proposed to join the research teams.
The aid awarded is in the form of co-financing for the hiring of PhDs by Spanish R&D Centres over a period of three years, and covers all knowledge areas.