Politécnica de Madrid

Receiving Training Abroad: Training for Higher Education Institution Staff at Enterprises and at Higher Education Institution

This action whose aim is training periods of no more than 2 weeks, comprises two types of mobility:

  • Universities.
  • Companies and Research Centres.


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Additional Information


  • Funding:
  • It will finance the travel, accommodation and meals according to the following standards:
  • Requirements and Protocol
    • University Mobility. The objective is to allow the Non-Teaching Staff to learn from the experiences and good practices of the host institution and improve the abilities required for their current job. The main activity is a brief stay in the host University that could be described in several ways: Professionals Comment, Studies visits, etc.
      • Before Leaving:
        • Signing the Agreement between both Universities (through the International Office).
        • Signing the Pre-Journey Form.
        • Signing the Subvention Contract (in duplicate).
        • Applicant's Work Program (in duplicate).
      • During the visit: Application Form including the stay certificate of the host University: First name and family name of teacher Dates of the stay.
      • At the end of the stay: 
        • Signing of Post-Journey Form.
        • Final Report.
        • Stay Certificate.
    • Companies and Research Centre Mobility: the objective is to allow the staff to learn about the transfer of knowledge or the responsibilities, and acquisition of practical abilities. The activities are, among others: 
      • Seminars.
      • Workshops.
      • Courses and Conferences.
      • Professional training.