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Computer Vision Group is awarded in the International Competition IMAV

The Computer Vision Group has been awarded with the Special Award “Best Automatic Performance – IMAV 2012” and the second overall prize in the category "Indoor Flight Dynamics -Rotary Wing MAV" in the international competition on UAV IMAV12.

The Computer Vision Group UPM has achieved an important highlight in the history of the IMAV competitions by being the first team that completes the dynamics challenge in a fully autonomous way, achieved last July 3rd to 6th in Braunschweig (Germany) during the IMAV12 competition. This significant event has deserved the Special Award on "Best Automatic Performance IMAV12" and the second overall prize in the participating category "Indoor Flight Dynamics -Rotary Wing MAV".

Computer visionThis important success is the result of putting together in one UAV platform the research and achievements performed by the different members of the Group, which include trajectory control, 3D visual localization, 2D laser range finder localization, sensor fusion, visual control, communications and mission planning. Special emphasis has been given to integration and common Software framework during the last months before the competition.

The main feature of the developed prototype is its fully autonomy able to operate indoors by using vision am laser sensors as external sensors and without dependency on GPS and magnetometers. This feature together with the appropriate sensor fusion, control laws and software integration gives the prototype the desired autonomy to fulfill the commanded tasks.

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