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UPM Language Center

The Language Program for Internationalization (Prolinter), from the International Relations Vice-Rectorate, develops a wide range of Language Courses.

Through this Program, the UPM shows its interest to take part in mobility programs within the European Union, as well as outside the EU. The Program is aimed at students, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff, depending on the courses.


General Information programa.lenguas@upm.es
Spanish courses for foreigners centro.lenguas.espanol@upm.es


Contact Person:
Vicente Fco. Valverde   vicente.valverde@upm.es
María Luisa Escribano   marialuisa.escribano@upm.es
Ana Martínez   ana.mlara@upm.es
Carmen Álvarez   mariadelcarmen.alvarez@upm.es