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LinkedData@Spain Challenge Competition (Competition Over)

The Web of Linked Data (http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkedData.html) is an initiative whose aim is to facilitate access to data, its publication and reuse by means of the Web together with the construction of applications centred on already existing data. One of the greatest differences of Web data with respect to the Web as we have known it up until the present lies in the fact that, unlike this, it goes beyond the publication of documents, that is, more or less complicated HTML pages, except that any data is susceptible to being made public or reused, for example, multimedia content, data from sensors, data bases, etc.
The basic principles of Web data are being applied successfully in the sphere of public administration. Governments, such as those of the United Kingdom and the United States (http://data.gov and http://data.gov.uk/) have decided to make their data public by following the principles of Web data.  In Spain, governments such as those from Euskadi (the Basque Country) Catalonia or Asturias, local corporations such as the regional governments Zaragoza or Gijon, and state agencies such as the Institute of National Geography or the Spanish Meteorology Agency are beginning to publish their data freely and without charge. Likewise the corresponding legislation is being created to guarantee that these initiatives will not be the only ones in the next few years. Finally providers of content such as the BBC are following these recommendations. As a result of all of this effort, a large amount of data is being made public and connected together in an open manner as is reflected in the Linked Open Data initiative (http://linkeddata.org).
The objective of this internal competition is to create novel applications which make use of data published on the Web Data.  These applications could be based and made available on any platform (Web, mobile, etc.) and must demonstrate functionalities that would not be possible to carry out in a simple fashion if the data were not available publically.
The main restrictions to be applied in order to be able to participate in an application in the competition are:

- The applications must mix data coming from at least three Web data sources. If any of the sources used were not previously available in a Linked Data format, these sources must also be transformed.

- The user interface of the applications must be available at least in Spanish or English.

- The applications must have their basis in official cartographic data in Spain, by means of any of the Geo-portal services of the Spanish Space Data Infrastructure (Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales Españoles - IDEE, (http://www.idee.es/). This includes standard services such as the IDEE Carto-City Base (CartoCiudad Base) and PNOA; Nomenclature services (that of Carto-City, Eurogeonames, that of the IDEE and that of Portugal), or any other service.

The competition is aimed at teams of students, without a maximum number of groups, and free-choice credits are awarded to UPM students.
There is no enrolment fee for the competition.

Main Coordinator: Oscar Corcho

FACULTAD DE INFORMÁTICA (Faculty of Computer Engineering)