Politécnica de Madrid

Cybertech (Competition Over)

CyberTech is a competition for UPM students organized by E.T.S. Ingenieros Industriales.  The main objective is to bring engineering closer to the students in a practical and enjoyable way, as well as putting their interdisciplinary knowledge into practice.   The competition will take place in different centers of the UPM.

Participating in CyberTech will facilitate the student’s acquisition of a certain degree of experience in the conception, development and putting into effect of projects through team work and dealing with scaled situations close to those usual in real engineering projects.
CyberTech aims to offer a framework of knowledge and cooperation between students from technological teaching centers.  It promotes cooperation and mobility in the educational environment and stimulates the use of new technologies in education.  The competition also has an element of enjoyment, making it a reason to have fun, as well as getting to know our school and university around the world.

Main Coordinator: Prof. Ramón Galan López