Politécnica de Madrid

!Fly, fly, fly...¡ (Competition Over)

The students must design, build and test an aerodynamic profile.  The team who achieves the highest lift, by testing all of the profiles at the same speed, will be the winner.  Both the towing mechanism and the dimensions of the profile to be tested will be established by the organisation and be the same for all of the students involved.  The manufacture of the profiles, which the students must define in a language compatible with the machine, will be made available to the students, as will the material, a workshop and the tools to manipulate the profile during the carrying out of the evaluation trials.  The shape of the profiles can be either original or like any published one that is obtained, since the objective is to stimulate both creativity and the work in searching through the documentation.

Main Coordinator: Miguel A. González Hernández

ETSI AERONÁUTICOS (School of Aeronautics Engineering)