Politécnica de Madrid

How much does a master's degree cost?

The public prices for university studies (fees) for postgraduate studies at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid are set every year by the Comunidad de Madrid, within the limits established by the Consejo de Coordinación Universitaria.

The amount of these varies depending on whether it is a master of science degrees offering professional certification listed in Appendix I or not, so please take it into account when consulting the price table.

Note: Please read the document carefully until the end to know which condition applies to the amount.

  European Union student Non-European Union student (*)
Lower and Upper Secondary Teacher Training master's degree 24,24 € / ECTS 126,00 € / ECTS
Accredited master's degree listed in Appendix I 29,78 € / ECTS 154,80 € / ECTS
If these are not the case 45,02 € / ECTS 84,07 € / ECTS


Academic Record Opening 27,54 €
Secretariat expenses 6,11 €

(*) Foreign students, over eighteen years who do not have the status of residents, excluding members of the European Union and those to whom the community regime applies.