Politécnica de Madrid

Eu.U.I.T. Industrial Engineering Technicians

The foundation of this Centre goes back to 1790 to 1795. The Centre has successively been known as: Real Conservatorio de Artes (Royal Conservatory of Arts), Escuela de Artes Industriales (School of Industrial Arts), Escuela Industrial de Madrid (Industrial School of Madrid), Escuela Superior de Trabajo (Higher School of Work), Escuela de Peritos Industriales (School of Industrial Technicians), Escuela de Ingeniería Técnica Industrial (School of Technical Industrial Engineering) and currently, Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Técnica Industrial (University College of Technical Industrial Engineering).

Likewise, the Centre has been located in several places: first, in the Astronomical Observatory of the Retiro; then, in calle de San Mateo; from 1932 to 1939 in calle de Alberto Aguilera, until its transfer to the premises of the old Instituto Quevedo. Since 1956, the Centre has been located in Ronda de Valencia, 3.