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X CEI annual meeting

The seminars will take place from 23rd of March to 24th of March at the ETSI Industriales of the UPM.

The Annual Meeting is a tool to present the research activity of the CEI to new enterprises and universities. It is also useful as a mean to promote in the UPM the doctoral and master studies related to the CEI activities.

The Annual Meeting is a  way to disseminate the CEI activities. It is a two day meeting, similar to a technical conference, which includes presentations from the CEI students and the enterprises which collaborate with the Center. The Annual Meeting was held with the attendance of professors, investigators and people from enterprises and other Universities. Presentations from CEI members are made, and an interesting Panel Session about several topics is also celebrated.

This year, our meeting will review the CEI activities during 2016 and the special session will be focused on the innovations in autonomous vehicles. 

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