Politécnica de Madrid

New online Master's Degree in Numerical Simulation in Engineering

The master, in collaboration with ANSYS, offers a practical scope in numerical simulation using ANSYS engineering tools. It applies to a range of industries.

The Technical University of Madrid (UPM), in collaboration with ANSYS, has created an online master's degree with the goal of training experts in fluid mechanics and solid mechanics numerical simulation using ANSYS engineering tools. The curriculum offers a practical scope that applies to a range of industries (energy, automotive, aeronautics, construction, civil engineering, naval, railway, industrial equipment, etc).

The master's study has a modular content and has three levels (basic, advanced, and master’s thesis) and two disciplines (fluid mechanics and solid mechanics) that includes, among other subjects, nonlinearities, implicit and explicit dynamics, aerodynamics, turbulence, combustion, meshing, optimization, multiphysic coupling, etc.

The goal of this content is to train the student in all theoretical fundamentals and concepts needed to solve fluid and/or solid mechanics problems by means of numerical simulation and its practical application to real-life problems with ANSYS software, one of the most comprehensive engineering simulation tools worldwide.

The master's degree learning methodology is entirely online and in English and includes documentation, exercises, tutorials, online evaluation, tutor sessions, forum and exams a virtual classroom.

Teaching is conducted by recognized professors from several technical colleges from the Technical University of Madrid (industrial, aeronautics, civil, and naval engineering) in collaboration with the ANSYS technical team.

Students enrolling in this master's degree have access to three Technical University of Madrid private degrees: Expert's degree (20 ECTS-credits), Specialist's degree (at least 30 ECTS-credits), and Master's degree (at least 70 ECTS-credits).

The first edition begins in October 2014; the total length of the degree is two years.

For more information, please visit the Master’s Degree website: www.ansys.com/mastersdegree