Politécnica de Madrid

Madrid, one of the 25 best cities in the world to study in

According to QS ranking, the Spanish capital stands out for its wide cultural offer, tourist attractions, affordable cost of living and the high level of its universities, UPM among them.

The QS Ranking of the best cities to study in has just published its 2016 edition. It highlights in that Spain is one of the favorite places for university students all around the world to finish their studies. In our country, Madrid is the most attractive city for students in order to complete their academic training.

Regarding this classification, the Spanish capital, where Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is located, is one of the 25 best cities to study in, holding the 22nd position. Our city stands out for its wide cultural offer, its tourist attractions and its gastronomy. It also receives high marks in “desirability”, which values life standards based on several aspects such as pollution levels, mobility or security. 

Furthermore, the city holds the 11th position amongst the most affordable places to live. Madrid is between the first 50, due to its attractive to employers. They consider the academic training given in these universities as one of the best in the world.

The QS Ranking points out that Madrid has got four public universities included in the best institutions to study classification. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, included in that group, stands out in technological teaching field. It is also the most valued of the Spanish universities  teaching agroforestry studies, Mechanic and Aeronautic Engineering and Industrial Production and it is amongst the 100 and 150 best technical and engineering universities in the world.

In addition, it has a remarkable position in Architecture, Civil Engineering and Electric and Electronic Engineering. It stands out in Computer Engineering too.

In the ranking, Barcelona, which holds the 30th position, and Valencia, in the 73th, are the other Spanish cities in this ranking, which offers worldwide university students a selection of the best cities to study in.