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Phenolic compounds as markers for the authentication of Sherry Vinegars: A foresight for high quality vinegars characterization
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  • Tecnología de alimentos
Sherry vinegars are appreciated products reaching higher prices in the market than Sherry wine. Actually, the Protection of Designations of Origin is recognized since 1995. Their elaboration encompasses the acetification process to reach the required acetic degree and aging in wood. Phenolic compounds proved to be valid markers to differentiate vinegars according to their origin and elaboration process. Multivariate analysis of phenolic composition data including Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) and Artificial Neural Networks trained by Backpropagation (BPANN) classifies correctly vinegar according to the acetification process (LDA=92.5, BPANN =99.6) and origin (LDA=88, BPANN= 96.5). Good recalling classification rates were also obtained for aging periods. Indeed, phenolic aldehydes as syringaldehyde, vanillin, coniferaldehyde increase their concentration during aging. New trends in Sherry vinegars elaboration intends to shorten the production time. This is achieved by obtaining the acetic degree with submerged culture or by accelerating aging with chips. This communication presents the impact of both strategies on phenolic profile. Nowadays certain innovations to produce high quality vinegars include the type of wood used. Compounds released from it as (+)-taxifolin in the case of cherry wood or (+)-dihydrorobinetin for acacia wood are suitable chemical markers to characterize vinegars aged in these woods.
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American Chemical Society
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Progress in Authentication of Food and Wine
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  • Autor: MC Garcia-Parrilla (US)
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  • Autor: Wendu Tesfaye Yimer (UPM)
  • Autor: AM Troncoso (US)
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