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Density Estimation by Screw Withdrawal Resistance and Probing in Structural Sawn Coniferous Timber
Research Areas
  • Construction materials,
  • Construction of engineering
The results of probing 395 sawn pieces of Radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Laricio pine (Pinus nigra Arn. ssp. salzmannii) from Spanish sources are presented. Specimens had a cross section of 150x200 mm, 150x250 mm and 200x250 mm. The Screw Withdrawal Force Meter (SWFM) developed by the Wood NDT Laboratory of the University of Western Hungary, in Sopron, and the Pilodyn 6J Wood Tester by Proceq, were used to measure screw withdrawal force and penetration depth, respectively. This paper concludes that for structural coniferous timber the density values estimated based on probing measurements are reliable. There is a positive correlation between non-destructive parameters and density (a coefficient of determination r2 of 50% to 56% is obtained). The authors believe that it is possible to use probing as a good combined nondestructive technique and to improve the results of visual grading, at least as an additional parameter for the structural sawn timber of existing structures.
15th International Symposium on Nondestructive Testing of Wood
Duluth, Minnesota, USA
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  • Participante: Laura Casas (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Autor: Ignacio Bobadilla Maldonado (UPM)
  • Autor: Francisco Arriaga Martitegui (UPM)
  • Autor: Guillermo Iñiguez Gonzalez (UPM)
  • Autor: Miguel Esteban Herrero (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Construcción con Madera
  • Departamento: Ingeniería Forestal
  • Departamento: Construcción y Vías Rurales
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