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ECNET: EU-CHINA Nuclear Education and Training Cooperation
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The project aims to coordinate the cooperation between the EU and China in the field of Nuclear Education and Training. The project consists of 6 Work Packages. The first three Work Packages are establishing the strategy for long term cooperation in Education and Training and Knowledge Management in the areas of Nuclear Engineering, Radiation Protection and Waste Management and Disposal. The strategy will be developed on the basis of the exchange of information on courses, curricula and training programmes and by evaluating the needs for academic education and professional training according to the future perspectives for nuclear technologies. The fourth Work Package addresses the implementation of mutual recognition of curricula between European and Chinese academia and the exchange of credits for students. The proposal includes the design and development of pilot courses in the three areas. The fifth Work Package addresses the identification, the technical description and the access modalities and conditions of infrastructures and laboratories accessible for the student and researcher exchange programme. The sixth Work Package covers the project management, the reporting and dissemination of the results and the knowledge management. The project resources cover 40 person-months provided by the European partners under the coordination of the European Nuclear Education Network Association. The European partners include the ENETRAP-II and the PETRUS-II Coordinators and their consortia, currently involved in the development and implementation of European Fission Training schemes in respectively Radiation Protection and Waste Management and Disposal under the 7th Framework Programme. The mirror project financed by the Chinese Atomic Energy Authority runs in parallel with the European project. It has same structure for the work packages and the same resources provided by 7 partners under the coordination of the Tsinghua University in Beijing.
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  • Director: Emilio Minguez Torres (UPM)
  • Participante: Gonzalo Jimenez Varas (UPM)
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