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PPPT WP12-DTM04-T13: study of transport-activation coupling schemes
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Accurate assessment of shutdown gamma dose rates and radioactive materials inventories are essential for the smooth running of any future fusion reactor or materials testing facility. An uncertain estimate of the dose rate could lead to unexpected high dose rates during operation leading to significant delays or complications to hand-on maintenance operations. Alternatively, an unnecessarily large safety margin may be factored in due to the associated uncertainties, which may lead to increased costs due to over-engineering. Knowledge of the uncertainty in these calculations is therefore critical, but is by no means trivial. CCFE and UNED have sought to investigate complementary methods of uncertainty propagation. It is clear from the activities in 2012 that significant further development efffort should be exerted towards a scaleable methodology for consistent propagation of relevant uncertainties arising from cross-section data and the statistics of the Monte Carlo simulations, from the neutron flux calculations into the inventory and the photon transport calculations. Multiple sources of uncertainties exist in such calculations, and it is recommended that this is an important area for further attention with the future PPPT programme; propagating the statistical uncertainty due to the neutron flux and spectra should be the first priority, followed by the uncertainty associated with the nuclear data used for transport and activation, to obtain the uncertainty in the gamma source.
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  • Participante: Jesus Juan Ruiz (UPM)
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