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The Spanish Travel Subjective Lexicon (STSL)
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This paper presents a proposal for a recognition model for the appraisal value of sentences. It is based on splitting the text into independent sentences (full stops) and then analysing the appraisal elements contained in each sentence according to the previous value in the appraisal lexicon. In this lexicon, positive words are assigned a positive coefficient (+1) and negative words a negative coefficient (-1). We take into account word such as ?too?, ?little? (when it is not ?a bit?), ?less?, and ?nothing? than can modify the polarity degree of lexical unit when appear in the nearby environment. If any of these elements are present, then the previous coefficient will be multiplied by (-1), that is, they will change their sign. Our results show a nearly theoretical effectiveness of 90%, despite not achieving the recognition (or misrecognition) of implicit elements. These elements represent approximately 4% of the total of sentences analysed for appraisal and include the errors in the recognition of coordinated sentences. On the one hand, we found that 3.6 % of the sentences could not be recognized because they use different connectors than those included in the model; on the other hand, we found that in 8.6% of the sentences despite using some of the described connectors could not be applied the rules we have developed. The percentage relative to the whole group of appraisal sentences in the corpus was approximately of 5%.
TIA2013 10th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence
Paris Sorbonne
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Proceedings 10th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence TIA 2013
  • Autor: Inmaculada Alvarez de Mon Rego (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Ontology Engineering Group
  • Departamento: Lingüistica Aplicada a la ciencia y a la Tecnología
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