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Development and Application of a Multi-scale Process-Based Framework for the Hydromorphological Assessment of European Rivers
Research Areas
  • Water management,
  • Geography
Many current river assessment methods emphasise the river ?reach? scale (a fixed length of river of the order of a few hundred meters) and provide a wealth of useful information that characterises the river corridor at the time of survey. However, they also have several limitations when they are used for understanding physical processes and causes of river alteration. A multi-scale, process-based framework is needed, which incorporates reach scale information into a larger spatial and temporal assessment of the controls on reach dynamics, and a process-based interpretation of the contemporary status of reaches, their historical dynamics and their likely future trajectories of adjustment. This paper reports on the early development and application of a multi-scale framework that is applicable to European rivers and is aimed at improving understanding of hydromorphological and ecological processes and their interactions. This ongoing research is part of the EU-funded project REFORM (REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management) which has the overall aim to provide a framework for improving the success of hydromorphological restoration measures in a costeffective manner, targeting the ecological status or potential of rivers.
IAEG XII Congress
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Lollino G., Arattano M., Rinaldi M., Giustolisi O., Marechal J.C., Grant G. (Eds), Engineering Geology for Society and Territory, Volume 3, Proceedings IAEG XII Congress, Springer International Publishing Switzerland
  • Autor: Angela Gurnell (Queen Mary, University of London, London, UK)
  • Autor: Marta Gonzalez del Tanago Del Rio (UPM)
  • Autor: Massimo Rinaldi (Università degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Italy)
  • Autor: Robert Grabowski (Queen Mary, University of London, London, UK)
  • Autor: A Henshaw (Queen Mary, University of London, London, UK)
  • Autor: Mathiie O¿Hare (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh, UK)
  • Autor: Barbara Belletti (Università degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Italy)
  • Autor: Tom Buijse (Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands)
Research Group, Departaments and Institutes related
  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Hidrobiología
  • Departamento: Sistemas y Recursos Naturales
S2i 2020 Observatorio de investigación @ UPM con la colaboración del Consejo Social UPM
Cofinanciación del MINECO en el marco del Programa INNCIDE 2011 (OTR-2011-0236)
Cofinanciación del MINECO en el marco del Programa INNPACTO (IPT-020000-2010-22)