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Long term fatigue variation of professional basketball players during competitive season with the improvement of daily carbohydrate intake
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  • Ciencias naturales y ciencias de la salud
There is consistent evidence showing that fatigue experimented by an athlete during one session of intermittent exercise can be decreased by intake of carbohydrates during that specific session. By the other side, it is documented that professional basketball players do not meet carbohydrate requirements for their sport. However, it was never studied what could happen with long term fatigue, whether daily carbohydrate intake (CI) would be improved following nutritional recommendation (NR), not in laboratory settings but in real professional training and games of basketball players during the competitive season. Our aim was to improve daily CI of professional basketball players who had a previous inadequate timing and deficient consumption of this nutrient, in comparison to NR, and evaluate the influence of this changes on long-term fatigue related to training and games during competitive season. Two single-case design studies were conducted with two professional basketball players (player 1 and 2) (centers) belonging to Spanish ACB League, healthy and with optimal corporal composition for their position. A long term nutritional intervention (NI) was carried out during three months, in order to meet NR for CI (GSSI 2013). Pre and post NI, CI was evaluated by a 7-day food record and fatigue (before/after training and games; to get up/at bedtime) was recorded daily during one month pre NI and during the three month of NI with 1 to 10 scale (Del Campo, 2005). Statistics: CI and fatigue were analyzed by a comparison of mean (Wilcoxon test) between pre and post NI and pre and during NI respectively. Pre NI, CI did not reach NR for any player (3.3g/Kg Weight (W) for player 1 y 3.7g/Kg W for player 2 vs.7-12 g/Kg W). Post NI, it was an improvement of CI for both subjects (3.5 g/Kg W/day for player 1 and 5.1 g/Kg W/day; p<0.05 for player 2). During NI, all variables regarding fatigue related to training were decreased or attenuated for both players. Nevertheless, fatigue related to games showed a different evolution between players and regarding training, with an increase in some measured timings during NI. Fatigue related to training of two professional basketball players could be reduced through a long term nutritional intervention during competitive season, but other variables seem to influence more in fatigue related to games.
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International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism
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  • Autor: Noelia Bonfanti (UPM)
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  • Autor: Miguel Angel Gomez Ruano (UPM)
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