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Tree specie effect on litter decomposition and climate-relevant gas emissions in a Mediterranean ecotone forest
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Tree species composition shifts in response to global change can alter the quality and quantity of the litter provided to the soil (Berger et al., 2010; Hector et al., 2000) and thereby the soil microbial community composition (Cleveland et al., 2014; Yuste et al., 2012). Since soil microbiota plays an important role in organic matter decomposition, and this in turn is key in biogeochemical cycles and forest ecosystems productivity, the rate in which forests produce and consume greenhouse gases can be also affected by changes in forest composition (Aneja et al., 2006; Knapp et al., 2011; Yuste et al., 2007). In other words, changes in litter decomposition will ultimately affect downstream C and N dynamics although this impact is uncertain. This STSM deepens in the impact of altitudinal vegetation changes on soil microbial communities, litter decomposition dynamics and the underlying interactions between these factors in order to predict changes in C and N stocks in mixed forest under global-change scenarios. During my scientific stay I conducted a reciprocal transplant microcosms approach in the facilities of the BFW institute (Vienna, Austria) using both soils and litter from Pyrenean oak, Scots pine and mixed stands collected inside their transitional area in Central Spain. In this experiment, I investigated whether the addition of different quality litter (needles against leaves) to soils with contrasting soil microbiota impact the soil CO2, NO, N2O and CH4 efflux rates and whether this response is controlled by changes in the microbial community structure using the PLFA method.
Viena, Austria
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  • Autor: Maria Jose Fernandez Alonso (UPM)
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