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The sexpartite vault in the Architecture School of Madrid
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  • Edificios de interes historico artístico,
  • Conservación del patrimonio
In the academic context, the study and knowledge of the building techniques in ancient times has always been undertaken from a theoretical point of view. Recently, Madrid¿s Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura has set off a different approach: to tackle the technical knowledge of historical buildings by resorting to empirical knowledge, that is to say, to proceed to their construction. This way has two paths; on one side, the side of research, convinced as we are that a deep knowledge of technological means in ancient buildings can only be attained by analysing their construction, and, on the other side, the pedagogical path, that implies the transmission of knowledge to new generations in an active and attractive process by building the architectonic items being studied. With those principles in mind, Madrid?s Escuela de Arquitectura launches a workshop specifically devoted to the construction of large models of cross ribbed vaults. Gothic vaults built with ribs were one of the big inventions in architecture of all times. They started at the end of the 12th century and evolved towards the sophisticated vaults of the 15th and 16th centuries late Gothic. From their beginnings they were a perfect example of constructive rationale, economy and cost effectiveness, as well as a sample of beauty, freedom of forms and designs which made them last until the 19th century. It was thought that working with them in an academic context would contribute to their knowledge, reveal their building secrets, show the art of medieval stone masonry, and help to know the necessary skills to set up such sophisticated structures. This workshop has already been in place for six years and each academic year was the complete construction of an undertaken vault. The choice was sometimes made on the specific interest of the vault itself, but, in other occasions, it was determined in the framework of a doctoral thesis, as a means to go further into knowing a specific typology, such as the one we are presenting: the construction of a Spanish sexpartite vault to show the deep constructive knowledge enshrined in these structures.
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Lithic Tree. A search for "natural" stereotomy.
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  • Autor: Giuseppe Fallacara
  • Autor: Claudia Calabria
  • Autor: Jose Carlos Palacios Gonzalo (UPM)
  • Autor: Rocio Maira Vidal (UPM)
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