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The Pico de Navas Slump (BUrgos, Spain) A Large Rotational Rocky Landslide Caused by Underlyng Sand Layers
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The Pico de Navas landslide, Burgos (Spain), was a large and complex rotational movement, affecting a volume of 50x106 m3. It certainly occurred before the 5th century and probably during the Recent or Middle Holocene, as can be deduced from historical and paleoclimatic data. Although the landslide now appears to be inactive, its study continues to be of interest because of its well-preserved morphology and its similarity to other large and well-known slides such as that at Catherineís Point on the Isle of Wight (UK). These slides have in common the existence of underlying clayey to sandy layers, where the surfaces of rupture were established, and the presence of overlying layers of limestone rocks. In the case of the Pico de Navas slide, the surface of rupture on its upper part coincides with a pre-existing vertical fault dating from the Alpine orogeny. It incurves towards the horizontal following a layer of sand with kaolin belonging to the Sand Utrillas Fm (Albian). The geotechnical properties of this material have been studied in detail. The movement to be activated surely needed a high water table and erosion of the slide base, as many other landslides do. This description of the movement may be of use to understand slope ruptures in many other areas of the Iberian Cordillera (mainland Spain) where the Sand Utrillas Fm is present and a very large number of civil works have been affected by landslides.
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58th AEG Annual Meentig (Association on Enviromental & Engineering Geologists
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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The Pico de Navas Slump (BUrgos, Spain) A Large Rotational Rocky Landslide Caused by Underlyng Sand Layers
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  • Autor: Eugenio Sanz Perez (UPM)
  • Autor: Ignacio Faustino Menendez-Pidal De Navascues (UPM)
  • Autor: Alejandro Lomoschitz Mora-Figueroa (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Geología Aplicada a la Ingeniería Civil
  • Departamento: Ingeniería y Morfología del Terreno
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