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(Re)Discovering the Objects and the Actions of Lina Bo Bardi
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  • Arquitectura,
  • Humanidades y ciencias sociales
When Lina Bo Bardi is remembered we usually think about her built work but she was more else: a lot of years, places and creative atmospheres where she opened new ways of creating; she replanted and rethought about her profession with an exceptional thought and an energetic intellectual-encourage. The limits of her creative universe formed during the European Avant Garde disappeared when she travelled to Brazil to live in Sao Paulo in 1947; then a new age of reflection and intense creations appeared with new criteria and priorities which are still current and necessary nowadays. I discovered the meaning of the objects that Lina Bo Bardi created when I visited the exhibition called Lina Bo Architteto, in Ca¿Pesaro in Venice in 2004. For Lina Bo Bardi, Brazil was free of prejudices and Occidental academicism, and did not have a canonical and cultural tradition but it was another thing, it was spontaneity and a bit of fullness too, but that fullness was really beauty for her. I propose to share a revision about some keys of this passionate and sensible architect, who lived without rendition although all of the problems she found in the world but, finally, she got to be the bravest maker of ways of Modernity and she converted her professional work in a positive opportunity to reflect and open new ways for architecture. Lina linked our profession with some social problems, with design, art and participation. She changed the way of understand architecture and she changed the way of understand Brazil in the world. So, let?s travel and revisit, together, the objects and the actions Lina Bo Bardi put into practice in Brazil from 1946 that Bo Bardi arrived at Brazil, until 1968 when she opened the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo.
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MoMoWo 2nd International historical Conference-workshop on Women Designers, Architects and Engineers between 1946 and 1968.
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Ljubljana; Slovenia
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Women Designers, Architects and Engineers between 1946 and 1968.
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  • Autor: Maria del Mar Sanchez Llorens (UPM)
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