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Texture analysis of 18F-florbetapir PET brain images for the diagnosis of Alzheimer?s disease
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Alzheimer?s disease is characterised by pathological plaques outside the neurons formed by amyloid-beta (A?) that start occurring in the preclinical phase of the disease. PET imaging based on A?-binding radiotracers is used in the diagnosis of AD. These include 11C-Pittsburgh compound B and fluorinelabelled tracers like florbetapir (FBP). The images are visually analysed and classified into amyloid negative (A-) and amyloid positive (A+). This classification is based on the uptake of the radiotracer in cortical brain regions and the difference to the adjacent white matter. Quantitative feature extraction of amyloid PET images is proposed to help in the classification of difficult cases. First, the images are segmented into cortical brain regions. Then, Standard Uptake Value ratios (SUVR) and textural features based on the grey level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) are extracted from the images. An SVM model is computed to classify amyloid PET images based on the extracted features. SUVRs, textural features and a combination of both are evaluated. The results show that feature vectors composed of 9 textural features offer the highest prediction accuracy, sensitivity and specificity (0.97, 0.94 and 1.00, respectively). Therefore, textural features are shown to be potential image features to correctly classify PET-amyloid images into A- and A+.
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XXXVII Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Española de Ingeniería Biomédica
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Santander, España
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Libro de Actas XXXVII Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Española de Ingeniería Biomédica
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  • Autor: Enrique Javier Gomez Aguilera (UPM)
  • Autor: Patricia Sanchez Gonzalez (UPM)
  • Autor: Alexander Peter Seiffert (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Grupo de Bioingeniería y Telemedicina
  • Departamento: Tecnología Fotónica y Bioingeniería
  • Centro o Instituto I+D+i: Centro de tecnología Biomédica CTB
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