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Tools and models for risk management
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Drought is a normal, recurrent feature of climate, consequence of a reduction in precipitation over an extended period of time, and is often described as a natural hazard. Defining drought depends on differences in regions, needs and disciplinary perspectives. Drought cannot be viewed solely as a physical phenomenon, as its severity depends on the impact on people or ecosystems and their ability to anticipate, cope and recover. Meteorological drought is caused by a deficit in precipitation and hydrological drought is caused by the decrease or deficiency in groundwater and reservoir levels and normally occurs when the meteorological drought is very intense or extended. Water resources in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Central Asia regions are limited, scarce and difficult to predict from year to year. The potential use of water under natural regime is less than 10%, making regulation of water resources essential for responding to demand increasing due to demographic shifts and lifestyle changes. Many countries in these regions are currently at a stage of institutional reform, orienting priorities and practices towards an integrated water resources management approach that includes drought management as a component. From 2001 various seminars have been held, presenting and revising the strategies, methodologies and tools to manage drought events. This seminar goes further, providing the guidelines to design and implement drought management plans to reinforce planning efforts at national and regional levels. The programme has an applied approach and analyses the different components intervening in a drought plan, linking methodological, operational and organizational components.
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  • Autor: Ana Luisa Iglesias Picazo (UPM)
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  • Creador: Centro o Instituto I+D+i: Centro de Estudios e Investigación para la Gestión de Riesgos Agrarios Medioambientales (CEIGRAM)
  • Departamento: Economía y Ciencias Sociales Agrarias
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