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A program of physical exercise during pregnancy reduces the maternal weight gain between normal values.
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The pregnancy processes and the delivery can condition in great measure the future health and quality of the woman's life. In that sense the excessive maternal weight gain and the decrease (in many cases disappearance) of the physical activity during the pregnancy causes that that the problems characteristic of the pregnancy process and delivery are accentuated, especially those related with the pelvic floor (incontinences of all type). It is necessary to develop programs that can diminish to the maximum the problems that this vital fact can cause in the woman. The objective of this work is to know if the physical exercise during pregnancy can act as a protective element of the excessive maternal weight gain and its consequences. It has designed an experimental work, non-randomized type, not controlled and not masked. This investigation work was developed by means of a collaboration between the School of Physical Activity and the Sport (FCCAFD-INEF) UPM and Hospital de Fuenlabrada. A sample group was selected (cases) and subjected to a certain treatment, in this case physical exercise, and another group of identical characteristic populational (control) with out treatment. Variables characteristic of the pregnancy process and delivery was measured (pregnancy outcome) as well as those corresponding to the pelvic floor. Pregnant women of exercise group gain less weight (11885±3146) than control group (13903±2113), p=0.03 . Relative to percepcion of urinary incontinence similar results between groups was obtained in questionnaires. A program of moderate physical exercise carried out during the whole duration of the pregnancy can act as control of the excessive maternal weight gain and does¿n influence on the mother¿s perceptions of the urinary incontinence. Key words: exercise, pregnancy, weight gain.
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  • Autor: Ruben Omar Barakat Carballo (UPM)
  • Autor: María Zakynthinaki . (UPM)
  • Autor: James Robert Stirling . (UPM)
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