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Failure and impact behavior of facade panels made of glass fiber reinforced cement(GRC)
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GRC is a cementitious composite material made up of a cement mortar matrix and chopped glass fibers. Due to its outstanding mechanical properties, GRC has been widely used to produce cladding panels and some civil engineering elements. Impact failure of cladding panels made of GRC may occur during production if some tool falls onto the panel, due to stone or other objects impacting at low velocities or caused by debris projected after a blast. Impact failure of a front panel of a building may have not only an important economic value but also human lives may be at risk if broken pieces of the panel fall from the building to the pavement. Therefore, knowing GRC impact strength is necessary to prevent economic costs and putting human lives at risk. One-stage light gas gun is an impact test machine capable of testing different materials subjected to impact loads. An experimental program was carried out, testing GRC samples of five different formulations, commonly used in building industry. Steel spheres were shot at different velocities on square GRC samples. The residual velocity of the projectiles was obtained both using a high speed camera with multiframe exposure and measuring the projectile¿s penetration depth in molding clay blocks. Tests were performed on young and artificially aged GRC samples to compare GRC¿s behavior when subjected to high strain rates. Numerical simulations using a hydrocode were made to analyze which parameters are most important during an impact event. GRC impact strength was obtained from test results. Also, GRC¿s embrittlement, caused by GRC aging, has no influence onGRC impact behavior due to the small size of the projectile. Also, glassfibersusedinGRCproductiononlymaintainGRCpanels¿ integritybuthavenoinfluenceon GRC¿s impact strength. Numericalmodels have reproduced accurately impact tests.
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Cambridge UK
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  • Autor: Alejandro Enfedaque Diaz (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Tecnología de la Construcción y Ciencia de los Materiales para la edificación y la obra Civil
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