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Body reserves and ovarian performance in primiparous lactating rabbit does submitted to early weaning as a strategy to decrease energy deficit.
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The aim of this work was to study the effect on body composition, serum metabolic parameters and ovarian status of early weaning at 25 Days post-partum (dpp) as a strategy to decrease energy deficit of primiparous lactating rabbit does prior to insemination at 32 dpp following an extensive rhythm. A total of 34 primiparous lactating rabbit does were used and distributed in three groups: 10 lactating does euthanized at 25 dpp (group L25), 13 does weaned at 25 dpp and euthanized at 32 dpp (group NL32), and 11 non weaned lactating does euthanized at 32 dpp (group L32). No significant differences were observed in live body weight, ovary weight, serum NEFA and total protein concentration among groups. Although NL32 does had a low feed intake (122±23.5 g/Day; P < 0.001), their estimated lipids (16.9±1.09%, P < 0.008), protein (19.7±0.07%, P < 0.0001), and energy (1147±42.7 MJ/kg, P < 0.006) body contents were higher and their serum glucose concentrations (158±24.5 mg/dl, P < 0.04) were lower compared to L25 does (11.9±1.3%, 18.5±0.08%, 942±51.3 MJ/kg and 212±27.9 mg/dl) and L32 does (13.4±1.03%, 18.5±0.1%, 993±40.4 MJ/kg and 259±29.5 mg/dl), respectively. In the ovarian surface of L25 does a lower number of follicles ¿1mm was observed compared to NL32 and L32 groups (12.7±1.5 vs. 18.0±1.45 and 17.6 ±1.67; P < 0.05). Follicular population in the histological ovarian sections and immunolocalization of prolactin receptor were similar between groups. In group L25, both nuclear maturation of oocytes in terms of Metaphase II rate (67.0 vs. 79.7 and 78.3%; P < 0.05) and cytoplasmic maturation measured by percentage of cortical granules (CG) totally or partially migrated in oocytes were significantly lower than in groups NL32 and L32 (16.0 vs. 38.3 and 60.0%; P < 0.05). Consequently, a higher rate of oocytes with non-migrated CGs was found in group L25 than in groups NL32 and L32 (76.0 vs. 46.8 and 33.3%; P < 0.05). In conclusion, even though early weaning at 25 dpp seemed to improve body energy stores of primiparous does, this fact was not well reflected on the ovarian status at 32 dpp, which was similar regardless of weaning time and it could be performed later.
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  • Autor: Maria del Pilar Garcia Rebollar (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Producción Animal
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