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Effect of Particle Size on Hydrophysical Properties of Peat
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Substrates management in soilless culture implies previous knowledge of substrate properties. European standards UNE-CEN for soil improvers and growth substrates have been an important methodological advance. Nevertheless it is necessary to know the relationship among properties to establish irrigation criteria. This work correlates particle size of four different peats with varying grain size (0-5 mm, 0-20 mm, 10-30 mm and a fibrous peat) with their hydrophysic behaviour, evaluated through their water retention curve. Peats were analyzed using standard methods for particle size and other physic properties such as bulk density, porosity, aeration and hydrophysic behaviour. Peat 0-5 mm shows the largest fraction of particles less than 1mm of all studied peats, having 48.1% (w/w). Peat (10.30 mm) shows 41.6%(w/w) particles less than 8mm. This does not agree with the theoretical granulometry. Finally the fibrous peat is the most heterogeneous sample what may imply alteration of hydrophysic properties due to allocation of smaller particles in the inter-particle pores. In the analyses of correlation among properties, it is important to emphasize that relation between thickness index and aeration capacity shows a direct relationship, while relationship between the thickness index and porosity, contraction (shrinkage), and water retention a negative relationship. No relationship was found between thickness index and bulk density probably due to the fact that other properties of the substrate such as particle density or the shrinking capacity of the substrate have an important role.
Congreso Internacional de Ciencias Hortícolas. IHC. Lisboa 2010
Lisboa, Portugal
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  • Autor: Alberto Masaguer Rodriguez (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Calidad de Suelos y Aplicaciones medioambientales
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