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IMPULSOmetro. A challenge to security

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Portable machine for carrying out soft impact tests on fragile materials with a variable mass and stiffness impact element

Patented device that simulates the application of the soft impact load in already installed safety glasses, being extendable to other fragile elements. The target sector is highly focused, with significant growth in the last five years. The human impact safety verification methods are supported by indirect measures while this solution is able to reduce glazing failures and reduce the replacement costs of broken elements.

Technology Solution

It is possible to simulate the application of the soft impact load in already installed safety glasses, being extendable to other fragile elements, with this equipment. Besides incorporating a variable preload system and a tripping and retention system, it has an impact element, with heads of stiffness and variable mass that reproduce the frequency ranges associated with soft impacts, the impact areas, also variable, associated with soft impacts. It is also suitable for elements of large surfaces. Some of its advantages are: it is portable, being able to move to perform tests in situ and therefore with real configurations; it comprises computerized means to record the amount of impact movement and deformations of the specimens that are tested

“It allows to simulate the application of the soft impact load in already installed security glasses, being extendable to other fragile elements”


Market demands

  • Construction
    • It is a niche market with a significant growth in the last five years. The methods of verification of human impact security is supported by indirect measures.
    • It is designed to verify in situ singular glazing, siding with various players:
      • Designer: obtaining data of real constructive configurations, without having to estimate through indirect measurements in the laboratory, or simulation programs that use estimated data.
      • Companies specialized in the design and construction of facades: register in real time the impulse applied to each impact.
      • Glass transforming companies: since market demands unique solutions, it is necessary to work with prototypes in which it is necessary to validate safety features. 
      • Certification of laboratories: robust measures with high repeatibility. It can be operated reducing the risk of workers. 

"It allows the verification of the glazing designed in situ as well as getting results in real time, in safe conditions for the operators"

Market potential

  • Construction
    • Leading company in the sector of the transformation of glass with international market estimated for 2017 an increase of turnover of 25% (exceed 110 M€). Ref.: Tvitec.
    • Small number of companies with accreeditation for the performance of soft impact tests. Ref.: ENAC
Competitive advantages

  • Determination of direct measurements of equivalent load values.
  • Reduction of glazing failures due to the indetermination of parameters.
  • Decrease in replacement costs for broken items.

  • Multidisciplinary team with experience in dynamic tests and standardization. First presentations of the DB -SU. Participation in research projects in collaboration with other universities.
  • A testing project has been carried out with standardized tests that incorporate several configurations of contour and type of glass. The load equivalent to that generated by a mass of 50 kg is reproduced up to falling heights of the pendulum of 500 mm with more than 200 tested tests.

  • Patent granted in Spain ES2606331B2.
Development stage

  • Concept
  • R & D
  • Lab Prototype
  • Industrial Prototype
  • Production


José Antonio Parra Hidalgo; María Consuelo Huerta Gómez de Merodio; Antonia Pacios Alvárez; Jesús Alonso Álvarez

e: antonia.pacios@upm.es

e: mariaconsuelo.huerta@upm.es

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