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HF MANAGEMENT. System of monitoring and management of heart failure

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Custom system for monitoring and management of heart failure at home. 

Life Supporting Technologies Group of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), in collaboration with European partners, has developed a customized solution for home monitoring and management of chronic heart failure patients. The solution includes an application for patients based on the use of various sensors and questionnaires that allow monitor their health daily. The data collected by the application are sent to the medical professional, which through another application can perform an analysis and monitoring progress of the patients. HF Management also integrates an innovative strategy for education and motivation of patients. The solution has been validated by patients and healthcare professionals in a clinical observational study of 104 patients in two European countries for one year.

Technology Solution

HF managementHeart Failure (HF) Management offers a technological solution for monitoring and management of patients suffering from chronic heart failure. 

The solution includes an application for the patients, developed on a Tablet, which with the help of several sensors can monitor their health daily. The application also offers assistance to patients with daily routines needed in the care of their disease (e.g., medication management, questionnaires, etc.) and also includes a full program of education and motivation. All collected data are sent daily to the medical professional, who has an ICT application that allows them analyze, identify potential problems, adjust the medication and treatment of patients more effectively.

"HF Management allows personalized and effective monitoring of heart failure patients, detect decompensation, and reduce hospitalizations and associated costs”



Market demands

  • The cost of treating heart failure represents 1 - 2% of total medical expenses in Europe, two-thirds of this cost is due to patients hospitalizations [World Journal of Cardiology, 2012].
  • Approximately 50% of patients suffering from heart failure must be re-hospitalized within 6 months from the previous hospital stay [World Journal of Cardiology 2012].
  • Tools are needed that allow a closer monitoring of these patients, daily monitoring included, support with routines and regular information.
Market potential

  • Over 26 million people suffer from heart failure around the world and over 3.6 million people are newly diagnosed with heart failure every year [European Heart Failure Association].
  • In Europe it is estimated that about 15 million people suffer from heart failure [World Journal of Cardiology 2012].
In Spain:
  • Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization in patients over 65 years old [Revista Española de Cardiología 2012].
  • The leading cause to cardiac decompensation is poor compliance that occurs in 15-65% of cases [Revista Española de Cardiología 2012].
Competitive advantages

  • Integration of monitoring tools along with educational and motivational strategies based on internationally recognized programs.
  • The monitoring system has been validated with patients and medical professionals in a clinical observational study with 104 patients for one year in two European countries (Spain and Germany).

  • Multidisciplinary research group specialized on technologies for the health and well-being.
  • More than 10 years collaborating with European partners of reference.
Development stage

  • Concept
  • R&D
  • Lab-prototype
  • Industrial prototype
  • Production

HF Management Contact

Cecilia Vera Muñoz; María Teresa Arredondo

e: {cvera, mta} @lst.tfo.upm.es

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