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LILIAC. The utmost reliability

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Security and authentication device for products and brands based on a unique and disruptive technology protected by international patent

Nowadays, 10% of annually worldwide sold products are forgeries. This represents a 600 billion dollars a year loss for brands and manufacturers. Security and authentication measures used today, such as holograms, are forged easily as exact replicas. LILIAC technology developed by Alise Devices engineers is a new generation of innovative and totally unfalsifiable security device. This technology has been developed in recent years on the facilities of CEMDATIC at ETSI Telecomunicación (Technical University of Madrid). Due to their performance and features, LILIAC devices are applicable to products of almost all sectors of market. Through inserting them into their products, manufacturers get protection against forgery and a considerable reinforcement of its reputation and brand image.

Technology Solution

Alise Devices offers its customers a unique product whose technology is totally innovative. LILIAC is a plastic and flexible device, which is transparent when it´s checked daylight, and with multi-image latent on both sides. These images are individually visible when polarized light or partially polarized light affects the device. This light is emitted by consumption common devices such as mobile phones, a computer screen or an LCD TV, for example.

The three LILIAC product lines (duo, quad and 256) are totally adaptable to the needs of the client. LILIAC can be inserted in any kind product, material or surface. Hidden latent images can be designed according to the client preferences.

"LILIAC technology developed by Alise Devices gives to its holder a unique and innovative authentication system that revalued its brand image and prevent from forgery"

Market demands

  • Security and authentication of products and brands
    • It is estimated that counterfeit goods market represents 10% of the entire volume of world trade. The annual cost of losses in the global economy due to the trade in all kinds of forgeries is higher than 600 billion dollars.
    • Some of the most affected market sectors are:
      • Medicines&Drugs: with an annual volume of 200 billion dollars. LILIAC is inserted in the packaging or the blister, as a proof of authenticity for users and reducing the losses of the manufacturer.
      • Electronic equipment: 100 billion dollars annually. The device is inserted in the packaging.
      • Clothing&Accessories: 20 billion dollars annually, inserted in the fabric or on the label, such as distinction system, and as aesthetic and brand image reinforcement.
      • Cosmetics&Hygiene: 3 billion dollars annually, as a part of the packaging or the main structure of the product.
  • Document security
    • The main application is in banknotes sector. The European Central Bank found 751.000 forged banknotes during the year 2010. This amount of banknotes accounted for a fraud of more than 40 million euros.
    • Authentication system in official identification documents (identity cards, passports, visa, etc).
    • Certification of valuable documents.

"It is estimated that counterfeit goods market represents 10% of the entire volume of world trade, amounting to 600 billion dollars annual  in losses for manufacturers and brands"

Market potential

  • Security and authentication of products and brands
    • Total market potential for protection and authentication technologies applied in products and brands is estimated at 4.633 million dollar [Reconnaissance International].
    • The main substitutes for LILIAC products are holograms and RFID (1.064 and 2.2 million dollars).
    • It is a growth sector as demonstrated by the figures of two of its main actors. Bilcare Research net sales increased in a 27% in 2010. OpSec Security Group PLC, as an example of a smaller agent, increased profits in a 15% to 40 million pounds.
  • Document security
    • In 2009, market potential of printing money services was measured in 500 million euros [Pira International]
Competitive advantages



  • The unique technological benefits of LILIAC are far exceeding current substitute products.
  • Due to its versatility, the device developed by Alise Devices can be inserted in any kind of product.
  • Wide range of potential customers in various sectors of the market.
  • Integration of the device in the final product as aesthetic reinforcement and upgrading of the brand image.
  • Total adaptability of design and features of LILIAC to the client needs. 




  • First prize for the best business plan in the “8th Annual Entrepreneurship Competition actúaupm”.
  • Award for the best business idea in the “8th Annual Entrepreneurship Competition actúaupm”.
  • Founding team with more than 50 years of combined experience in the field of technology.

  • Patent granted in Spain (ES2337010)
  • Patent pending in the U.S. (US13/513,517)
  • European patent pending (EP10845616.1)
Development stage

  • Concept
  • R&D
  • Lab-Protoype
  • Industrial Prototype
  • Production

Alise  Devices Provider’s contact

Carlos Carrasco, Beatriz Cerrolaza, Morten Geday, Xabier Quintana, José M. Otón

e: carlos.carrasco@alise-devices.combeatriz.cerrolaza@alise-devices.com

w: http://www.alise-devices.com

UPM contact

Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Area

Centre of Support for Technological Innovation – UPM

e: innovacion.tecnologica@upm.es

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