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SIMPE. Get the most from your production lines

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Sensors system through which the work performed by the employees in the production lines is monitored in order to satisfy the following needs:

       Know: get digital information to know and store the performance of the production processes and the location of the employees in real time.

       Automate: achieve accounting and personnel management processes automation, being able to integrate it with existing software in the company.

       Optimize: get a decision support system. Decide what to produce and the optimal number of workers based on the collected performance data.


The system has been developed by the MIDAS research group of the UPM (Data Mining and Simulation) in collaboration with Camposeven, an agricultural cooperative of the Region of Murcia, where it has been successfully implemented and tested in October 2016. This company already benefits from a reduction of 90% of the time spent in personnel management tasks by its employees.

Technology Solution

SIMPE is a modular system that is based on RFID technology to monitor the tasks carried out by employees.

  • Support module for collecting information: sensors installed along the production lines that collect information from the wristbands, cards, key rings or identification stickers that are provided to employees and related to the tasks they perform on the line.
  • Automation of tasks and information integration module: software accesses stored data and automates the personnel management and accounting tasks.
  • Analysis and optimization module: the performance of the different production lines are calculated and these data are stored and analyzed to optimize line performance in order to reduce production costs.

“According to 83% of agri-food sector companies, the best way to increase competitiveness is by reducing costs by optimizing production processes and offering a quality product by providing traceability to the customer”


Market demands

  • Transformation sector of agricultural products
    • The sector is far from the competitive advantages of digitization and knowledge of production process information. According to figures for 2015:
      • Only 19.2% of the companies in the sector use technology to digitize the information of their production processes.
      • Only 16.14% of companies use technology to analyze the performance of their production.
      • Only 29% of companies use technology to reduce their production costs.
  • The needs that other sectors have covered with the information digitization of their production processes are:
    • Tracking of employee time and location in real time.
    • Automate management and accounting tasks.
    • Analyze and optimize the performance of production lines.
    • Have a support for the production strategies decision making.


“Identification systems are gaining ground in companies, because their application has been extended from personnel access control, to the efficiency control world, productivity and management”


Market potential

  • The agri-food industry leads the industrial manufacturing sector in Spain, with sales of 84.6 billion euros, 14% of the industry's total sales and 8% of Spanish GDP.
  • The application of ICT in the sector undergoes a spectacular increase, doubling its penetration, from the 31.9% of 2010 to the current 65.7%.
  • The use of business management software has grown last year from 30.4% to 43.1%.
  • The RFID technology market grew by 17% in the last year, reaching a global market value of more than 20 billion dollars.
  • Big Data and intelligent sensor systems are generating average results of increasing competitiveness between 20% and 40% in all sectors.
Competitive advantages

  • SIMPE relies on a widely used technology in access control systems but focuses on the useful knowledge extraction for decision making and automation of management tasks, with the aim of reducing production costs.
  • The company where the system has been implemented has achieved a 90% reduction in the time spent in personnel management tasks.
  • The system is characterized by a simple usability that does not require expert staff to use. The system remains in operation with at least 100 daily users in the company where it was implemented.
  • Although it has been installed in a agricultural products transformation company sector, SIMPE can be applied in any industrial sector where production lines are used with employees working in them.

       The solution was first implemented in October 2016 at Camposeven, an agricultural cooperative located in Murcia (Spain).

     The MIDAS research group has broad experience in data analysis field, highlighting the participation in several European projects of the EIT (European Institute of Technology).

Development stage

  • Concept
  • R&D
  • Lab Prototype
  • Industrial Prototype
  • Production

SIMPE contact

Juan Manuel Tuñas Martín

Midas research group (Data Mining and Simulation)

UPM contact

Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Area

Centre of Support for Technological Innovation – UPM

e: innovacion.tecnologica@upm.es

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