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Ficha de consulta Proyectos OPE
Clinical Leading Environment for the Assessment and validation of Rehabilitation Protocols for Home Care
ICT Policy Support Programme
Funding Scheme: SmallMedium
Duration: 01/09/2008 - 29/02/2012
Project cost: 5.615.735 €
Project Description

The CLEAR project proposes the implementation of e-rehabilitation services in 4 countries , with the ambition to scale it up after project completion and shown feasibility, to a European platform, likely to contribute substantially to the harmonization of e-health services in EU. The rationale behind the project is the HABILIS EUROPE concept, which aims at the establishment of a network of companies under a legal corporate entity, providing an expandable set of rehab-services across the whole EU, with significant potential to enhance the penetration of e-health services and optimization of healthcare resources. The CLEAR project, based on technological mature applications developed mainly within the H-CAD (IST -V Framework) and e-Ten Hellodoc projects, will provide the platform for the development of ¿home treatment protocols¿. These will be highly customizable by the healthcare professionals, who will be continuously involved in the system design and testing. The project plans to carry out 4 pilot tests in 4 countries (IT, ES, NL and PL) on home protocols and therapies developed on 4 types of pathologies usually affecting the elderly: neurological, orthopaedic, pneumonial disorders and chronic pain. The evaluation will be focused on the technical, organisational and legal feasibility of the service. Special attention will be paid to a systematic improvement and upgrade of the system based on the feedback of the users (both clinicians and patients). In its pilot phase, the project envisages to treat at least 1000 citizens. During the implementation substantial efforts will be made to refine the details of the financial plan, being the basis for the full deployment of the HABILIS network and to integrate new partnerships with health care institutions, technology providers, standardization bodies and associations of health care providers and patients.

Enrique Javier Gomez Aguilera
E.T.S. de Ingenieros de Telecomunicacion
Signo Motus (It)
- Warszawie Uniwersytet Medyczny (PL)
- Azienda Unita Sanitaria Locali 11 Empoli (IT)
- Centrum Systemow Informacyjnych Ochrony Zdrowia (PL)
- (BE)
- Fundacio Institut Catalá de l envelliment (ES)
- Fundacio Privada Institut de Neurorehabilitacio Guttmann (ES)
- ISS - Istituto Superiore di Sanita (IT)
- Regione Toscana (IT)
- Roessing Research and Development (NL)
- Menzis Beheer Foundation (NL)
- Centro de Rehabilitación Het Roessingh (NL)
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