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TRAINing and NUtrition senior platform
ICT based solutions for Advancement of Social Interaction of Elderly People
Funding Scheme: SmallMedium
Duration: 01/01/2010 - 31/12/2012
Project cost: 3.111.449,8 €
Project Description

TRAINUTRI AALs project aims to raise consciousness about self wellness, enabling the exchange of knowledge related to physical and nutritional healthy habits. The project will help people (seniors between 50 and 65 years from both sex) to develop healthy habits (keeping them physically active and actively involved into their health maintenance) and will enable people to share and exchange healthy habits related activities, experiences and knowledge allowing them to keep and enrich their social relationships while they age in their preferred environments. In order to accomplish this project, TRAINUTRI will therefore offer services oriented to achieve:

(1) A network of peers involved with the healthy living habits and goals (users and fellows, trainers, nutrition experts, etc.).

(2) Healthy eating habits evaluation and support for sensible nutrition.

(3) Adequate and enjoyable exercise evaluation and support for physical-mental training.

TRAINUTRI platform brings to users an environment configuring a scenario where:

1. Active elderly people who can exercise outdoors will use an exercise monitor linked to the TRAINUTRI platform. Their achievements will be recorded in the platform and advice will be fed back both as messages and under the supervision of a trainer. An expert system will be used to analyse data gathered and guide the users with feedback.

2. People with limited mobility will mainly exercise indoors, but in connection to a network of peers. Virtual reality tools will be the basis of these services.

3. Nutrition monitoring and advice. All clients of the TRAINUTRI platform will receive nutrition advice tailored to their needs (loose or gain weight, increase vegetable intake). To tailor this advice their weight and eating habits will be monitored.

4. Support and motivation from the network of peers. Information on the progress of each of the users will be made available to his/her group of peers.

The platform will be prepared to hold contests among groups of clients. Face to face activities related to training and healthy eating will be organised using the platform with the main aim of promoting social interaction and strengthening personal relationships among peers. On the other hand, the project is going to create a significant know-how which allows the development of a calculus theory to apply this knowledge to future projects on the telecare and ehealth industry.

Francisco del Pozo Guerrero
E.T.S. de Ingenieros de Telecomunicacion
Planet Media (Es)
- ArxIT (CH)
- (BE)
- kmop (GR)
- NetUnion (CH)
- Universidad Carlos III (ES)
- Universita degli Studi di Genova (IT)
- Vigisense (CH)
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