Erasmus Policy Statement

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UPM's Overall strategy

Since the foundation of the Vice-Rector's Office for International Relations (VRRII) in 2004, the internationalization policy of UPM has been based on four strategic plans:

  • International mobility (for students and staff) and Cooperation Networks
  • Academic Programs in Teaching and Research
  • Cooperation for Development
  • Institutional awareness for internationalization

The geographical areas were this activities are developed are grouped in 5 regions:

  • Europe
  • Latin America and Caribean
  • USA & Canada
  • Asia (specially with action with Chinese Universities, the consulate, financing institutions,...)
  • Developing Countries (Specifically for Cooperation for Development)

UPM has specially being promoting student mobility in first and second cycles, but the higher incoming mobilities have been observed in the second cycle. This effect is due to both, the participation of UPM in Postgraduate Fairs & Exhibitions, and the publication of call for grants for incoming students.

  • The main short-term goals of UPM are:
  • to continue and reorganize the current programs in the regions of interest.
  • to increase the development of UPMs strategy in Eastern-European countries, in Asia, in Arab Countries, and in USA & Canada.
  • to renew the already existing Double/Joint Degrees and foster for the establishment of new Double/Joint Programs at both Master and Doctoral levels.



For the implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects, the Vice-Rector's Office for International Relations (VRRII) includes the International Office with adequate staff for preparing, presenting and later executing the different projects.

UPM has substantially increased its presence in the most relevant Networks and interninstitutional international organizations. Some of them with a more political-academic aspect (Cesaer, LACCEI, …), other ones more functional and specifically oriented (TIME, Magalhaes, …), and University Organizations (EUA, EAIE, …). This presence goes from charing in some cases, to simply participating in the assemblies.

All these taken actions have shown to be very relevant for the international visibility of the institution and have lead in the last years to an increase in the funding for the university, since UPM has been invited more and more to participate in Funded Academic Programs (e.g. Erasmus Mundus).


UPM undertakes to increase the attainment levels to provide the graduates and researchers Europe needs by promoting and developing double and joint programmes especially at both Master and Doctoral levels.

The establishment of "quality links" across Europe (and other regions) by choosing the best partners when applying for the different actions in the Program will lead to the improving of the quality and relevance of higher education.

UPM is committed to improve the already existing programmes and networks with Latin America and Asia, like the Magalhaes network (with the mobility program called SMILE) or the Sino-Spanish Campus at Tongji University. Those initiatives, that enhances mobility ans cross-border cooperation, will strengthen quality in all aspects.

During the last 10 years, UPM has posed a big effort in promoting an Entrepreneurship Program (ActuaUPM) that has shown to be very important not only for the professional activities of UPM's Alumni, but also for the development of the region of Madrid. UPM will expand this Program to promote the participation of other european partners with the idea that this will have a positive impact in the regional development.

Since UPM is a public University, the governance bodies and structures are regulated by the Spanish Law. Taking this into account, the improvement in the governance of the institution goes through the creation of specific consultive comitees for accomplishing different tasks.

For improving the fundings of the institution, UPM's strategy is to continue applying to national and international calls as well as participating with the industry in Research, Development and Innovation Programs & projects and provide consultancy services to industry and government.