Alojamiento / Accommodation

The best way to find accommodation is to check the different accommodation possibilities available in order to book provisional accommodation in Madrid before you arrive. This will enable you to find accommodation more appropriate to your needs once you are established in Madrid. This service is solely and exclusively for the purposes of providing information on accommodation available. It does not organise accommodation for students.
If you have not organised accommodation in advance, it is recommended that you arrive to Madrid at least 10 days before the course begins so that you can arrange you accommodation. You can go to the Student Accommodation Office (Oficina de Alojamiento de Estudiantes), where you will be informed about the different types of accommodation, or to the Student Mobility Office (Oficina de Movilidad de Estudiantes) or the International Relations Office (Relaciones Internacionales) of your Centre of studies, where you will also receive advice.
Open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.
Information is provided on the following types of accommodation:
Apartments to rent or share, halls of residence and university accommodation, hostels, the VIVE Y CONVIVE (Live and Share Your Life) programme and so on.

VIVE Y CONVIVE Intergenerational Programme

The VIVE Y CONVIVE programme is an intergenerational programme through which elderly persons share accommodation with university students. The two-fold objective consists, on the one hand, of relieving the loneliness of elderly persons living alone, and, on the other hand, of helping young students who are not from Madrid to find accommodation. At the same time, the programme encourages an exchange of mutual assistance, not only in material terms but also in terms of experience, help and company between young students and the elderly.
Intergenerational Programme


Erasmus Play is a student housing search engine for students incoming to Spanish universities. It allows you to compare all the available accommodation quickly and easily. Moreover, you will be able to book in total safety, since all accommodation are provided by verified platforms. Book your student flats in Madrid in 3 steps:

  • Select your faculty and dates.
  • Compare all available accommodation.
  • Click and book in a totally secure way.


Other useful addresses:

Information on the Community of Madrid Youth Housing Facilities (Bolsa de Vivienda Joven)
Through this service provided by the Community of Madrid you can obtain general information on accommodation, specialised legal information and, in particular, a list of apartments for rental to young persons. This service is available for young people aged from 18 to 35.
For further information:
Calle Braganza, Madrid. Tel: 91 580 47 56

The Directorate General of Universities and Research of the Community of Madrid provides a service known as the Virtual University Accommodation Service (Vivienda Virtual Universitaria) which lists all kinds of accommodation (shared rooms, homestays, apartments to rent and so on) for university students in the Community of Madrid.

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