Tools and Solutions of UPM students in the Astronautical Congress

Beatriz Jilete and Marc Costa, UPM students have presented their projects in the 62nd edition of the International Astronautical Congress.

The 62nd International Astronautical Congress celebrated during the 2nd to the 7th of October in Cape Town has gathered the representatives of the main space agencies, aerospatial industries, academics, researches, young professionals and students. Amongst them, two students of the Technical University of Madrid (in Spanish: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid- UPM) have presented their investigations and ongoing projects in the astronautical area after being selected by the International Astronautical Federation, which organizes annually this congress.

Beatriz Jilete, Aeronautical Engineer by the UPM and Marc Costa, last year student of the ETSI Aeronáuticos, have attended this appointment with the astronautical community in the African continent in order to present the conclusions of their projects. Both affirm that “participating in the world’s most relevant congress about astronautics only can provide us of positive experiences”.

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