High school Chinese students learn Spanish in the Technical University of Madrid

This is the first program with these features in Spain. Apart from attending to Spanish lessons, the high schools live with UPM families to improve their knowledge of language and culture.

Internationalization and studying abroad initiatives for students are some of the pillars of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) formative offer. Now, the University has developed an innovative language immersion program for high school Chinese students, who are living with families of UPM staff and professors.

This is the first university program in Spain that promotes the stay with a family linked to University. Its main objective is to help these students to improve their knowledge of Spanish language and culture.By knowing and enjoying our country they will get to cherish it.

The aim of Chinese students who join this program is to complete their studies in a Spanish University. Their hobbies and personalities are very different, but all of them have passed University entry exams before coming to Spain. This stay is a great opportunity for them to learn more and better the Spanish language and customs, the most important handicap they find out of their country.

Luis, Estrella, Girasol, Blanca, Fernando o Mario are some of the Spanish names they have chosen for their Spanish experience. For us is really difficult to pronounce their Chinese names. “Living in a Spanish home makes us easier to learn language and culture. They are very friendly and treat us very well”, says Wang Jue, known as Elena. “The most difficult things to me, apart from communication are Spanish customs and schedules, very different to Asiatic ones”.

Hong Run Chang, only “Raúl” for us, has been surprised by our mood. “Spanish people are much more affectionate than Chinese ones”, explains.

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