How to end hunger in times of crisis

Interview with Andrew MacMillan, former Director of FAO´s Field Operations Division. Together with Ignacio Trueba, professor of UPM, launches the book “How to end hunger in times of crisis”.

Agricultural economist, specialized in tropical agriculture, Andrew McMillan has over 30 years experience working with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), where his final job included the Service responsible for the management of the Special Program for Food Security.

Former Director of the Field Operations Division, he has been always convinced that the eradication of hunger and most aspects of malnutrition in the world is an entirely feasible objective and that our collective failure to make faster progress in this direction amounts to criminal negligence.

In order to provide a challenging explanation of what hunger and malnutrition are about and how to eradicate them, MacMillan together with Ignacio Trueba, professor of the UPM, launches “How to end hunger in times of crisis”. This book unmask the global hunger problem, it calls for curbing excess food consumption and a shift to truly sustainable food production systems. Andrew MacMillan talks about this project. (+)