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UPM’s Industry-University Chairs (I-U Chairs) constitute a mean to establish a strategic and long term partnership between companies/institutions and the University in order to carry out education, research or knowledge transfer activities in an area of common interest.

I-U Chairs provide companies direct access to Universities’ human resources and infrastructures and may support the implementation of diverse activities  (scholarship/fellowship programs for students doing their Master Thesis, exploratory studies, technology watch,  promotion of events,  scientific outreach….).  For the UPM, I-U Chairs represent an opportunity to obtain stable funding to support research in certain areas, education tools for students and researchers, mobility of researchers, and commercial exploitation of research results.

The UPM’s Technology Transfer Office (OTRI) is the unit responsible for providing information on I-U Chairs, for their administration and signature of agreements.

Information and contact: otri.investigacion@upm.es
Phone: 91 336 6192

Icono PDFRegulations for the creation of Industry Universitiy Chairs and Aulas

List of Industry-University Chair