Politécnica de Madrid

Internet of the Future

During the last decade Internet has become an essential part of our society. What was impossible to imagine only fifty years ago now is taken for granted: we are used to be able to communicate with anyone in the world or to have access to any information, anytime, anywhere.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is an active player in the new technologies field and its priority is to contribute to the strategy of evolutionary improvement of the current Internet, and to participate in the design of the Internet of the Future to ensure that the needed services will be provided to the new coming generations.

The UPM researchers have proven expertise in research projects at national and international level and the university fosters long-term research partnerships between companies and academics for mutual benefit. In the 6th Framework Programme the UPM researchers took part in 65 Information Society Technology projects. Only during the first two years of the 7th Framework Programme, UPM has taken part in 28 ICT projects, out of which 11 are directly related to the Future Internet.

The following leaflet gives an overview of UPM effort regarding the "Future Internet" and includes the contact details of researchers involved in each pillar.