Politécnica de Madrid

Youth hostels

Youth hostels are places to meet and make contact with other young people.

Youth hostels have cleaning and maintenance services, a living room with TV and shared rooms with two or more beds. We recommend that you find out the facilities of each one (disabled persons rooms, coffee bar, possibility of clothes washing, etc.) before choosing the youth hostel.


Public Youth Hostels


Albergue Santa Cruz de Marcenado
Address Calle Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 28 - 28015 Madrid (Subway Station Argüelles)
Telephone (34) 91 547 45 32
Note In order to use the youth hostel, it is necessary to be in possession of an International Youth Hostel Card.


Private Youth Hostels


La Posada de Huertas
Address Calle Huertas, 21 - 28014 Madrid (Subway Stations: Antón Martín, Sol, Sevilla)
Telephone (34) 91 429 55 26
Cat's Hostel
Address Calle Cañizares, 6 - 28012 Madrid (Subway Station: Antón Martín)
Telephone (34) 91 369 28 07