Politécnica de Madrid

Virtual Intelligent Systems (Competition Over)

The objective of this competition will be to develop virtual systems that have an intelligent behaviour.  These systems will be developed within a virtual world with a sufficient complexity to be able to produce different types of autonomous intelligent behaviour (movements, perceptions, searches, etc.)  The students participating in the competition will be able to put into practice several studied Soft Computing techniques by receiving direct feedback on their work through the observation of the interactions in real time in which their creations participate. Special interest will be placed on cooperative systems in which the overall intelligent behaviour emerges from the interactions between the interacting units. A virtual world developed by Linden Lab, otherwise known as Second Life (SL) will be used in this edition of the competition.  The contestants will be able to change to later editions if implementation virtual worlds arise and it will be the virtual world itself of SL known as LSL (Linden Script Language) which has a structure similar to languages such as Java or C++

Main Coordinator: Ángel Arroyo Castillo

EU DE INFORMÁTICA (School of Computer Engineering)