Politécnica de Madrid

Agrotech (Competition Over)

Agrotech is promoted as an international competition aimed at engineering students.  The goal set out to the participants is the design, construction and programming ‘in situ’ of a robot or series of robots capable of carrying out a specific task from the agricultural sector by resolving the determining factors  predominant in this environment.  The organisation groups the participants together in teams of 4 people with the objective of fomenting multidisciplinary teamwork. The participants will use the LEGO-Mindstorm tool as basic material.  This tool is used in the “Robots applied in Agriculture” course of the School of Agricultural Engineering. During the period of the competition several collaborating students will attend to the needs of groups and will assist in the development of the project.  The ‘Best Madrid Association’ (Board of European Students of Technology) will have an active participation in the organisation and call for the competition, facilitating the means for the dissemination and providing an excellent organisation network.

Main Coordinator: Beatriz Recio Aguado / Pilar Barreiro

ETSI AGRONOMOS (School of Agricultural Engineering)